Sunday, July 24, 2011

somethymes grief goes for a walk

As deep as the Hudson River, in her New York poetic debut, Joyce LeeAnn takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride. The multifaceted performance included excerpt readings from her book, “Somethymes Grief Goes For a Walk”. She used a typewriter and drums to create an extraordinary atmosphere, background perception and rhythmic effects.
Joyce enticed the crowd with her lyrics and poetic experiences battling grief from the lost of a loved one and sharing personal memories of great times through archival clips.  Joyce also vividly approaches her presentation from a higher level of understanding, acknowledging an almighty force, present in her every moment. In which every step and miss-step is meant to be, and nothing happens by accident. To paraphrase she mentions ‘as we live on the physical plane we are energy, energy cannot be destroyed or created but can only transfer states’. Joyce also mentions that we are on a journey to learn what we already know and to become what we already are.
I was transfixed by Joyce’s life experiences, as she conveyed her feelings communicated from the stage as words; transferred into my own personal experience, and resonating within the deepest part of my being.
During the performance I was brought to tears with Joyce’s touching self-realization tales. Striking a chord with the term Universal Guidance, it became clear and I understood that we all exist for one another. Each one of us is here to be who we are and become who we’ve always been. Joyce concluded her show with an open discussion of her book.
Universal Guidance, walk by faith not by sight.

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